“I want to promote small brands that are created by owners like myself. It’s very hard to get into retailers, and I know the process is a lot of work. By putting them in my store, I can help them grow.” - Sabeen Zia, Founder

The Indie Shelf launched in spring of 2019 as a space for natural beauty enthusiasts and independent brands from around the world to come together. After creating my lipstick brand Muskaan, I knew I wanted to create a shop that supported small business owners, while also giving customers the opportunity to invest in brands and products that aren’t found at a local drugstore or large retailer. I’m so proud of the brands we carry - from skincare, haircare, fragrance, cosmetics, tools and accessories, candles, dental care, baby care, men's care, and even pet care. You can even learn more about the founders and their passion behind each brand over on our Brand Interviews section. Stay tuned for more events, products and collaborations with us at The Indie Shelf in the coming year!


“You are not just a number when you shop indie beauty. You can connect with the owner. As a brand owner, I know how much customers are valued by small indie brands.”

Thank you for all of your support of The Indie Shelf!