Fluid Fragrances

We were able to chat with Lynette Reed and Phil Clark, the founders behind Fluid Fragrances a passion project built on the conviction that people should all be free to be who they. Read more about how she started the brand and her goals below!

How/why did you start your brand?

The collection, featuring five scents titled “I Am A Human Being” respectively, is inspired by the LGBTQIA+ community, specifically gender fluid individuals. The company’s mission is to bring awareness and acceptance to those that identify as gender fluid and others living outside the societal norms, embracing individuality and the freedom to simply ‘be’.

“We’re strong in our belief that everyone should feel free to be who they are,” says Fluid Fragrances founders Lynette Reed and Phil Clark. “My son Harris, who is a gender fluid fashion designer based in London, has been the inspiration behind Fluid Fragrances,” says Reed.
“Sometimes, it’s not as simple as a single label or word. Gender is fluid, sexuality is fluid, often shifting and changing depending on context. Fluid Fragrances was designed with that perspective in mind,” continues Clark.

What was your biggest obstacle with launching a brand? 

Time. Phil is located in Italy and Lynette in California. Both with full time careers it was tricky making time and then with the time difference it was even trickier!

What motivates you to grow your brand?

Hearing from customers who love our product and our message.

Does your brand give back? How? 

The Argan oil that our perfume is based in is from a cooperative of Berber women who met at a literacy class. They formed the cooperative to help lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Anything else you'd like to add?

“We want Fluid Fragrances to bring people together, and celebrate their lives, their paths and the unique characteristics that make them who they are,” says Reed. “There are no rules when it comes to gender and sexuality. You’re allowed to be fluid and be confident in that. We hope Fluid Fragrances can further that confidence and encourage people to be comfortable in their own skin.”