Aster & Bay

We were able to chat with Erin and Glen Hammond, founders of Aster & Bay a skin care brand run out of an old biscuit factory and rooted in the spirit of whole plant ingredients, minimalism, and craft. Read more about how she started the brand and her goals below!

What is the meaning behind your brand name?

There is no special meaning, it is just two plants that I liked :)

How/why did you start your brand?

I was pregnant at the time and interested in herbalism. Creating safer plant-based skincare seemed like a good place to dip my toes in.

What was your biggest obstacle with launching a brand?

Having the time to dedicate to growing the business while also being a stay-at-home mom.

What motivates you to grow your brand?

Growth is not really a priority for us, actually. We want to maintain the original vision of being a small-batch, family business and sometimes that means saying 'no' to growth opportunities that would pull us farther away from our customers.

Any tips and tricks on using your products?

Many of our products are multi-purpose. The lip tint oil can be used on cheeks, the Cleansing Oil can be used as a body oil, and the range of custom options for the Dandelion face grains are quite extensive - I like to use it with milk or yogurt.

Does your brand give back? How?

We try to donate products to charitable fundraisers whenever possible. We are also very environmentally conscious in how we use packaging in everyday operations.