Maison Blanche

We were able to chat with Kristy Payne, the founder of Maison Blanche a cosmetics brand that meticulously designs their products in Sydney, Australia. Read more about how she started the brand and her goals below!

How/why did you start your brand?

Maison Blanche started from humble beginnings when I began a quest to find the perfect vanilla bean candle. Unsatisfied with the options, I decided to make my own candles by pouring them myself, which inadvertently welcomed my passion for soy candles. I then started to experiment with blending fragrances and making more candles for my family and friends. Now the company has grown to employ a number of employees in my own warehouse studio.

What was your biggest obstacle with launching a brand?

Trying to find the balance between chic and sophisticated products, affordability with a minimal impact on the environment.

What motivates you to grow your brand?

The candle industry is highly saturated by candles that contain unsafe ingredients like paraffin wax. When someone buys one of my soy candles, I feel a sense of pride and joy that it's one less potentially harmful candle burnt.

Any tips and tricks on using your products?

Always make sure you trim the wick! It slows down the burn time and reduces the risk of tainting your candle with residue or soot.