Spela Cosmetics

We were able to chat with Maryam Behrouzi, founder of Spela Cosmetics a brand focussed on high quality, long wearing formulas that are vegan, cruelty free and non-toxic. Read more about how she started the brand and her goals below!

What is the meaning behind your brand name?

Spela means to play in Swedish. The idea behind the brand name is that cosmetics are a form of play for us - a creative outlet that is part of our day to day lives. The swedish roots also tie to the fact that our products are always EU compliant, holding ourselves to a higher scientific based standard for our ingredients and formulations.

How/why did you start your brand?

I was always in love with cosmetics but really fell in love with them when I was around 15. I had gone to art school as a kid, but as high school got busy I didn't have time for those classes anymore and makeup became my creative outlet. Around that time I learned the story of Hard Candy cosmetics and was inspired to start a cosmetics line. I kind of forgot about that and followed a very traditional path going to College and then to Law School, and worked in Corporate Bankruptcy law for a few years. I realized it wasn't a perfect fit where I would feel fulfilled, and was reminded of my dream of starting a cosmetics line. I started looking into it, and it snowballed into Spela.

What was your biggest obstacle with launching a brand?

I think a big part was not having any background in the cosmetics world and needing to figure everything out on my own.

What motivates you to grow your brand?

I love creating products that have the quality of conventional products but are clean, and elevate your everyday look.

Any tips and tricks on using your products?

For our liquid lipsticks, there are lots of tips and tricks! My favorite thing to do is to blend two colors to create my own custom shade (I especially love mixing Spa Day with any of the lighter shades to create my own custom nude). My other tip is to just make sure you get a precise line, and to let it fully set before messing with it.

Does your brand give back? How?

We don't have an established give back program but we incorporate charitable giving throughout the year. In the past year we've donated to Fighting Pretty, an organization that puts together care packages for women fighting cancer, and to Planned Parenthood.