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Luma and Leaf

Clarity Clay Mask

Clarity Clay Mask

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Give your skin clarity and a fresh breath of air with Clarity Clay Kaolin Clay + Lilac Mask! This creamy mask is infused with kaolin clay for purifying and exfoliating, charcoal to clear and balance, lilac extract to mattify and minimize pores, and mandelic acid to smooth out texture and even tone.

Key Ingredients

  • Kaolin clay: Purifying, exfoliating
  • Charcoal: Clearing, balancing
  • Lilac extract: Mattifying, Pore-minimizing
  • Mandelic acid: Smoothing, tone-evening

Start by applying a thin layer of the mask to clean skin. Enjoy a few minutes of self-care as it dries down to a satin finish. Then rinse off with lukewarm water for clearer skin that looks deeply cleansed but not dried out.

With regular use, this mild formula helps congested skin unclog pores while reducing the appearance of enlarged pores so you can have your most balanced complexion yet! Experience a beautiful moment of stillness as your skin radiates clarity.


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