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Docle Far Niente - rose | sandalwood | violet

Docle Far Niente - rose | sandalwood | violet

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Experience the Italian adage at home. Caftari's proprietary fragrance blend featuring rose essential is designed to enhance the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to promote happiness. Serotonin modulates Alpha brainwaves and is usually present when we are daydreaming or practicing mindfulness.

With its romantic and warm floral profile, Dolce Far Niente is a purposeful aroma to light while savoring the present moment.


Contains Rose Essential Oil | Releases Seratonin | Promotes Happiness | 60 hour burn time


Olfactory Family: Warm Floral

TOP: Rose | MIDDLE: Sandalwood | BASE: Violet

  • Geraniol: Rose essential oil
  • Santalol: Sandalwood essential oil
  • Hydroxycitronellal: Lilly of the valley aroma 
  • Citronellol: Clean Rose aromatic
  • Alpha-isomethyl ionone: Violet aromatic 
  • Hexyl cinnamaldehyde: Chamomile essential oil
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