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Gentle Green Mouthwash Tablets 5 Sachet Bundle (30 tabs)

Gentle Green Mouthwash Tablets 5 Sachet Bundle (30 tabs)

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Travel-friendly alternative to bottled mouthwash without all the bulky plastic waste!
Meet the new waterless Gentle Green Mouthwash Tabs. The perfect way to take the ounces out of travel while enjoying fresh breath on the go!
More than a mint, the plant-based functional tablets are formulated with nano-Hydroxyapatite to strengthen and restore your pearly whites. Inspired by Ayurveda Terra and Co’s natural mouthwash, the tabs are alcohol-free and fluoride-free designed to whiten your teeth, reduce sensitivity, and balance your mouth's pH.

Simply crush to activate and swish to refresh instantly! Conveniently packaged in a recyclable sachet containing a weekend getaway amount. Perfect pocket size for travel or camping for long-lasting freshness while on the go!

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