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VoCê Haircare

Hydrate Rinse - Moisture Infused Conditioner

Hydrate Rinse - Moisture Infused Conditioner

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This moisture infused conditioner contains a combination of natural oils, butters, and vegan based ingredients that acts as a moisture barrier for dry hair caused by heat styling, chemical treatments, or environmental pollution.

Hydrating and conditioning ingredients like shea butter, white tea, vanilla cactus and more help replenish the moisture lost during daily styling ritual leaving hair soft, smooth, and shiny without feeling oily. Made for normal to thick hair and safe for color-treated locks.

How to use:  After washing with Hydrate Wash, apply a generous amount of Hydrate Rinse starting from the ends and working up. Leave for 3 minutes. Rinse and style with your favorite Você product.

Pro Tip: Turn on your spa music and follow up with your favorite Você Hair Mask for a deep conditioning experience.

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