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VoCê Haircare

Lift It Wash Shampoo

Lift It Wash Shampoo

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Our volume shampoo is mixed with a blend of acai berry, swertia japonica, and coconut to help with overall hair volume and strength. For fine to medium hair, this shampoo generates volume while gently removing excess oil and styling product buildup, leaving the hair full and shiny.

Extra volume, no buildup, longer length. Healthy hair, full of life. Made for fine to medium hair.

How to use: Wet hair and lather from scalp to ends. Rinse and follow with Lift It Rinse.

Pro Tip: Use a generous amount of wash for a richer lather. Good for your hair ingredients Swertia Japonica Stimulates hair follicles and activates the blood current of hair roots to promotes hair growth. Acai Berry Adds elasticity to your hair making it stronger and decrease fizziness. Brazil Nut Oil Keeps hair moisturized and promote hair growth.

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