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Carter + Jane

Neroli Oil Butter

Neroli Oil Butter

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Carter + Jane’s Neroli Oil Butter™ provides both instant and 24-hour relief and radiant glow to dry, rough, or irritated skin. Packed with highly potent vitamin-infused butters and soothing organic oils, this luxuriously rich, water-free balm, melts into your skin, activating its beautiful aroma and skin-protecting properties.

Our Oil Butter™ is so different from just about any other "butter" on the market today, primarily because of the very unique formulating + manufacturing process. It is a waterless formula (only organic + natural oils are found in this butter) and they developed a proprietary heatless manufacturing process to retain all the amazing vitamins + nutrients (CJ make all of our products in-house).

NEROLI Oil Butter™ comes in a recyclable white 4 oz/120 mL jar.

+ Reduces visible redness and irritation
+ Protects skin lipid barrier from extreme or dry weather
+ Seals in moisture
+ Offers 24+ hours of hydration and protection
+ Calms and soothes skin
+ Clean Formula - 100% naturally derived and certified organic vegan ingredients
+ Prevents windburn
+ Smooths away dehydration lines
+ Relieves crepiness and surface dehydration
+ Suitable for eczema and irritation
+ Ideal for the entire body including hands, neck, chest, elbows or any dry patches

Made with certified-organic and naturally derived non-GMO vegan ingredients: non-GMO soy butter + *shea butter + *Himalayan moringa seed oil + *South African baobab seed oil + *Moroccan prickly pear seed oil + *Moroccan neroli essential oil + *sweet orange essential oil + *bergamot essential oil + *ylang ylang essential oil + *frankincense essential oil

For 24+ hours of deep hydration, warm in your hands and apply all over your body. Neroli Oil Butter™ is extremely concentrated so start with a small amount and add more as needed. Neroli Oil Butter™ is not recommended for use on face, unless being used to prevent windburn.

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