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Rohr Remedy

Desert Lime Body Moisturiser

Desert Lime Body Moisturiser

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NATURAL: Be left feeling invigorated and nourished with our Body moisturizer that combines the anti-oxidant powers of Desert lime and detoxifying qualities of kelp.
CLEAN: Desert Lime has always been recognised by Indigenous Australians for its revitalizing qualities. It assists skin repair with its high levels of antioxidant, this includes vitamin C. Australian Giant Kelp leaves the skin feeling nourished and soft as the rich nutrients assist with retaining skin moisture.
TRANSFORMATIVE: We support ethical trading and sustainability by sourcing many of our natural ingredients through traditional land owners in Australia. The high bioactivity of Australian plants is unique and potent, transforming how skin care works.
BEAUTY: We understand the need to celebrate and enhance beauty and that skin types change according to seasons, hormones, age and lifestyle. That is why we have created products that are effective and always luxurious.

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